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JetBlue Service to Popular Mexican Destinations, American Airlines

American Airlines and JetBlue establish more routes and improve existing services to accommodate the increasing demand for flights to famous tourist spots in Mexico.

American has announced the addition of direct flights four times a week from Cancun to Austin, Texas, starting in October, according to the Riviera Maya News. The airline found that it will expand flights to Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

American will further add three flights from Puerto Vallarta to Austin on November 2.

"We've introduced additional flights to Austin earlier in this year and our consumers responded, wanting more," said Brian Znotins, Vice President of the United States. "We are keen that our clients can rejoin the family, friends, and coworkers even further. We make connecting Austin with the globe via our partners simpler than ever."

JetBlue also formally announced the beginning of its service at Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo.

The first round journey to Los Angeles International Airport was operated daily by Los Cabos carriers and arrived on Thursday afternoon between Mexico's popular resort.

"Our new non-stop flights between East and West Coasts, and Los Cabos have been the most in need in the last year with travel demand," JetBlue Vice President Andrea Lusso said. "The trip is ideally scheduled for consumers who need a vacation this summer."

"We have our footprint in Latin America and help to expand our northeast and southern California Network Strategies at the same time, Lusso continues.

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