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Digital Vaccine Verification Tool for California Launch COVID-19

Today, California's Public Health and Technology Departments have opened a means for citizens to maintain digital copies of their vaccine records of COVID-19.

The digital Vaccine Record site COVID-19 depends on the current state immunization registry and gives the same information as the paper cards of the Disease Control and Prevention Centers are provided (CDC).

In a recent news release, the state's Chief Information Officer, Amy Tong, said that the site "provides Californians a means to see and preserve their personal immunization record. "This is your option instead of having a card if you desire a digital replica of a single card."

Californians will fill in an online form to obtain their immunization information and then make a four-digit personal pin, including name, birthday, cellphone, or email, after getting the vaccine. The system spreads a QR code directly connected to its COVID-19 immunization record.

Instead of maintaining track of a CDC card, users can snap a screenshot of their digital record as it appears on the site. Because these days, let's face it, small pieces of paper that are either put into your wallet or thrown into a drawer are a perfect documentary form.

"It's unlikely anybody would miss their paper CDC card, and the COVID-19 digital vaccine record provides a simple backup," Dr. Erica Pan, the state epidemiologist, told reporters. Moreover, paper documents may be more readily fake, as pointed out to the Associated Press by Lucy Dunn, Chairman, and CEO of the Orange County Business Council.

California Governor Gavin Newsom emphasized that the tool is not—repeat NOT—a "vaccine passport," he added, despite continued worry about potential discrimination based on individual immunization status.

So far, New York is the only country that has established an official application linked to its vaccination database, called the Excelsior Pass, which is open to vaccine citizens when their immunization status has to be checked, for example, while participating in major events.

There is no real application to match the new online site in California, but it serves the same purpose in principle.

The California Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Rick Klau remarked "This is quite similar in terms of the idea to what was started with Excelsior Pass in New York, an option for residents of our state California to have a digital copy of their immunization record.

Although the Golden State has reopened most of its neighborhoods and the economy, significant pandemic protection remains, including a provision of vaccine evidence or a current COVID-19 test to all participants at big indoor meetings (such as concerts, sporting events).

Despite resistance to vaccine passports, evidence of vaccination for US tourists visiting other countries has already emerged as a travel requirement in America.

Dunn stated of the new California vaccine records site of COVID-19 "This will be volunteer, personal, safe and as easy as adding to the digital wallet on your smartphone as a pass for airplane boarding."


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