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In Saudi Arabia, vaccinated travelers are reopened borders

The borders with the foreign visitors were reopened by Saudi Arabia.

Tourism visa holders who are completely vaccinated with Covid-19 can enter the country without quarantine.

Travelers will have to give proof of the whole course of the four vaccinations that are now being recognized: Oxford/Astra Zeneca two doses, Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna; or Johnson & Johnson one dose of vaccine.

Travelers who have two doses of Sinopharm or Sinovac will be admitted if one of the four vaccinations allowed in Saudi is given an additional dosage.

In order to register their immunization status, Saudi Arabia has created a visitor online site.

The website is in English and in Arabic.

A negative PCR test done at least 72 hours before departure and an authorized paper vaccination certificate confirmed by official health authorities in the originating country must also be provided to travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi has improved Tawakkalna, the track and trace app for accommodating travelers, in order to enable temporary visitors to enter their passport information.

For entrance to a number of Saudi public sites, including shops, theatres, restaurants, and entertainment venues, Tawwakalna is necessary.

It is approximately 18 months after Saudi Arabia was barred from foreign travel because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In September 2019, Saudi Arabia initiated the initiative for e-visa tourism.

"Saudi Arabia expects overseas tourists to open their doors and hearts," stated Fahd Hamidaddin, Saudi Tourism Authority's Chief Executive Officer (STA).

"We have collaborated in close cooperation with our governmental and private partners during the shutdown to guarantee Saudi tourists have a memorable, genuine, and above all safe experience.

'Those visiting untapped histories will be astonished and thrilled to find Saudi's warm welcome by an authentic cultural experience and breathtaking natural beauty.'

Saudi starts its 2021 summer seasonal campaign and brings a plethora of fresh attractions and events into the nation, announcing the return of visas.

It is envisaged that the new campaign would address considerable latent domestic and regional demand, especially in the case of bigger entertainment events that are greatly influenced by attempts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

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