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Is space a new destination for tourists?

This time experience the journey beyond the planet!

Space Adventure is a US corporation that since 1998 has been involved in personal space travel. The services of the organization include atmospheric nullity flights, orbital flights, training of astronauts, space training, and launching training. Seven individuals have been dispatched by the corporation on space flight since 2001.

The first space traveler to pay $ 20 million on his journey was an American businessman and entrepreneur Denis Tito. In 2002, Mark Shuttleworth followed, while Gregory Olsen followed in 2005. The news of this sort of journey was quoted by Anousheh Ansari in Iran. We met space tourism when this Iranian entrepreneur traveled to space. Of course, many don't think that the tourist travel label is appropriate for this activity and term it a space team accompanying.

We must recognize that the new title makes greater sense given the requirements for taking part in the program. To take part in this program it is not enough to pay tens of millions of dollars. Candidates have been trained for months and can be dismissed at any moment from the program. Moreover, many of these participants, scientists, and experts work alongside astronauts and carry out research initiatives aboard space stations.

The criteria under which participants can engage in this program include only a restricted number of persons. You need to be well-fit, preferably with a scientific and research background, and prepared to do a lot, besides being wealthy. The situation is exceedingly uncertain during a space mission, and anything might happen at any time. Participants must be prepared for these scenarios, and for this preparation part of the training they get.

NASA simulator

In conjunction with US-based space business Space Perspective, London-based design group PriestmanGoode started a project which might totally revolutionize the form of space travel. The problem is that most people interested in space travel don't want to be astronauts, astronomers, or cosmologists; they simply enjoy viewing the earth from a different point of view and watching space. Both companies want to enable this group of enthusiasts to realize a dream that has been impossible to achieve by now.

In essence, this endeavor is experiential. Both businesses intend to develop a two-part Neptune spacecraft with stunning Earth views. "We are trying to give participants with ultimate comfort in this initiative, in addition to a remarkable experience," one of the creators remarked. This spaceship features a rest area and the spaceship is fitted with a toilet to accomplish this degree of convenience. The principal section of a spaceship is covered with big windows, which show the surrounding landscape like a capsule. Neptune has eight passengers each journey, and is piloted.

Neptune crosses 99% of the atmosphere of the Earth and is 30 000 meters high. It spends around 2 hours at this height circling the Earth and tourists may enjoy the sight and snap pictures. Neptune takes two hours to return to the earth and stop at sea, where staff awaits you. The project designers hope that they can be useful in climatic studies in addition to tourism services.

The spacecraft was planned for its first trip in 2021, but we'll have to see if the project is going to work according to plan in light of Corona's difficulties. If the trials are effective and both firms succeed in spatial travel, one of the most inaccessible tourist spots is to be seen. More specifics concerning these excursions, including the cost and duration of implementation, should obviously be published.

Is the journey through space one of your lengthy dreams? Are you willing, because of your experience, to tolerate its difficulty?

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