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Portugal and the tourism sector criticize the UK for demanding quarantine on repeat tourists

Portugal questioned the UK's decision to insert the country on its amber voyage list, forcing travelers to quarantine in the face of mounting instances of coronavirus from the southern European nation.

Under the new regulation change, persons coming back from Portugal to the UK are compelled, in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations, to quarantine at home for 10 days.

The British government announced the decision on Thursday and would reassess the UK's traffic lighting system for travel.

Portugal was the sole EU nation on the UK green list, but this will vary from Tuesday, June 8. Portugal was a Green country.

While people from red and amber states are spared from quarantine on arrival in the UK.

"Thanks to an increased interest in the spread of coronavirus variants including the delta mutation and the risk of bringing them back into the UK if people do not need to quarantine," the UK Transport Minister stated in a statement, adding:" 'The decision to move Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores) towards the amber list.

A Portuguese governmental social media account was announced shortly after the newspaper, claiming that it "cannot" grasp the "logic" of Great Britain.

Tweeting in English was from the cabinet of the Portuguese Foreign Minister: "We notice the UK decision to remove the country from the 'green list' of travel, the logic of which we are unable to explain." "We take notice of this decision."

"With the established guidelines for the protection of persons living here and those who visit us Portuguese continues to pursue its cautious and progressive decommitment strategy," she added.

In a statement earlier on Thursday, the tourist sector also stated its objections. The government moved.

'If Portugal has been put on the list of amber tourism enthusiasts, trust will crash, depress reservations, and disincentives would decrease,' said Virginia Messina, World Travel and Tourism Council Senior Vice President (WTTC).

"The travel and tourist firms previously indicated only a few weeks ago would be stressed more.

"Anyone who is completely immunized or who can present evidence for a negative COVID-19 test currently feels that it is time for the UK to open the doors of safe travel and enable free travel for all people who are.

"The United Kingdom could and should use one of the greatest programs for vaccination roll-out to restore movement and open the doors for safe overseas trips to its competitive edge.

Source: Euronews

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