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Buy same products anywhere in the world

Nowadays in such sophisticated world, countries getting more closer to each other, it is shown by people able to buy same products in throughout the world. It has positive or negative impacts; I will delve into the most outstanding reasons.

Admittedly, the internet and technological advancement have imperative hits on buying and selling products all around the world which fulfill people's principal necessities and especially in countries that have existential economic crises. This circumstance gives the feeling of a “Global village” to humankind all around the world by using the same products like other countries not only as a positive phenomenon for them but also it could be promising steps to stakeholders and owners of the producer in countries with obtaining comprehensive market with a logical sequence of the economy and monetary. Nevertheless, stakeholders and producers progress their markets with overwhelming turnover not only in one country but also throughout the world. Moreover, this has witnessed numerous counterexamples, many brands of American local fast food can achieve their global market by finding the taste of customers all around the world which technology helps them as much as other marketing

Undoubtedly, the imagination of a similar world has influential privilege in both big markets stakeholders and owners yet it could be eradicated small local business when big companies with vast marketing franchise many industries. Moreover, had people had the ability to buy products with more ease from other countries which is from authentic global stakeholders, they would not have the core motive to acknowledge their choice from local brands. It means that the damages of globalization could be unconvertable and in some economic situations be fatal errors for small businesses. For instance, the people who live in small-town refer to big hypermarket more than a small supermarket with beliefs that big markets could have fresh products for immense amount costumer and daily marketing.

Eventually, becoming global plays a key role in the world, and in my opinion, it has positive impacts not only on the needs of people in buying and selling products but also on economic and market share for both people and stakeholders.

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