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COVID 19 Behind them US travelers are putting

A new study reveals that in recent months American travel attitudes have quickly altered.

In the "Summer Edition" of its Portrait of American Travelers, MMGY Travel Intelligence revealed data for 2021, and results suggest that the intention to take a trip in the next six months has substantially altered.

72% of American adults expect to travel, up from 62% in the previous Portrait of American Traveler poll in February 2021.

Boomers' desire to go rose most, from 54% to 70%, while Gen-Z, who earlier had a strong intent, did little to change.

Although a significant number of tourists are planning a holiday in the next six months, the vaccination rates remain low. Only 44% of active recreational tourists were shot. The inoculation rate for boomers is usually 74%. At 37 percent the Gen-X was the next.

This summer will be common with more than two out of five tourists planning to have a multigenerational holiday.

This year again road excursions will be popular. 57% of travelers stated that they have taken a road trip within the last 12 months, while 76% want to do one during the upcoming twelve months. Millennials (79%) and Gen-Xers (79%) and children (82%) have the most incidence of driving on a route, with a large majority (84%) of drivers saying that they will drive their own car.

While domestic travel is growing, the foreign travel demand remains modest, largely because of concerns. The assumption, though, is that the attempt to go around the world will expand if foreign locations open up more.

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