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Covid-19 impact on the Sharing Economy

The Covid-19 issue has had a significant impact on daily life, and the tourist sector was one of the sectors most hit. Many organizations have had to adjust to "new standards" to stay in business in difficult conditions.

However, one component of the sector has a hard time: the sharing economy. The shared economy.

The expert said that firms such as Airbnb or other sharing platforms want to be placed in the lodging environment before the Coronavirus epidemic. The tendency has moved away from the hotel and major chains, but the situation is changing unavoidably now.

Tourists will choose their accommodation much more carefully and will take health factors into consideration more than ever. The confidence in hotels in this connection is significantly larger because of their reputation and the duty to preserve a specific image.

In the meantime, there is a lack of control over the model for sharing, particularly as regards accommodation services. Airbnb has in this context a much freer model and therefore cannot give the same assurances while the hotels operate on an employer-employee basis and are subject to numerous inspections and restrictions.

The scenario promises to be comparable, although not as urgent, in the context of transit. Instead of hiring one without knowing how and by whom the tendency will move to own a private automobile.

Moreover, the need for shared mobility, such as Uber and taxi firms, would definitely decrease as digitization and home office alternatives expand. This is also true of public transit and individuals are likely to avoid many more trains and buses.

What will happen in the future? It is going to revolutionize the sharing economy and its businesses. They have to be able to give additional safety and health guarantees in the future. They face troubled times. In order for the ordinary client to believe in the same (or better) circumstances as the 'conventional' model it also inevitably requires greater investment.

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