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EU officially abolishes US tourism travel restrictions

The European Council today formally proposed lifting restrictions on non-essential travel from the US by the Member States of the European Union. All is good news for the many Americans who have been waiting this summer for a European post-pandemic holiday.

A number of foreign countries, territories, and administrative special areas from which leisure trips are authorized to have been added today to the so-called "white list" of the EU: Albania, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Macau, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Taiwan.

The Council stated in its statement on Friday that "epidemiological situation and overall COVID-19 responses and the trustworthiness of data sources and data sources available are being considered for list inclusion." It further observed that case-by-case consideration of the aspect of reciprocity is provided.

The declaration today basically indicates that US visitors, and other foreigners, should shortly begin to give admission to all 27 members of the E.U. bloc. In complete vaccinated Americans, Bloomberg stated that the Member States began permitting and can decide separately whether to provide non-vaccinated passengers from whitelisted nations with a quarantine-free entrance also.

The Council's Declaration also recommended the adoption of its up-to-date travel regulations in Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican, as well as in the linked Schengen nations (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland).

The latest move by the governing body of the European Union should take much further action to restore transatlantic journeys following a COVID-19 crisis, which airline officials in the United States and the EU are urging to promote activities in order to increase vaccination rates on both sides of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, the recommendations of the Council are not legally obligatory, and that the implementation of these guidelines is the responsibility of each Member State. Members may also decide that further rules, including quarantine, testing, or immunization requirements, will be imposed as they see appropriate.

According to USA Today, French Embassy Spreader Pascal Confavreux remarked, "It is up to each country to determine how and when to open borders." "The EU is the one that provides the framework, but the choice is taken by the States."

Therefore, in the future Americans who hope to go to Europe should check the official website of the E.U. for current limitations at their planned location.

Several European nations, including France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, and Iceland, already opened up to non-E.U. travelers who were properly vaccinated, including those from the United States.

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