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Hotel Bookings Confirm the Global Travel Recovery Trends

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A new Amadeus survey outlines in this context how the hospitality industry has evolved internationally and what hoteliers think the sector will probably continue to develop.

Hotel reservations on an upturn

The data reveal that hotel bookings are on the increasing trend at a time when worldwide occupancy in April 2021 reached 46%. This was a considerable gain over the same month in 2020, compared to a low of barely 13 percent.

This indicates that the global hotel occupancy has risen to about 70 percent at this time of year by two-thirds of the way back to the pre-pandemic.

In addition, the lead time of booking increases, which indicates that consumers have more confidence in the future. Almost all reservations globally have been made in the past between nil to seven days before departure.

Over the last several weeks, the most difficult for the sector in the same day bookings have dropped internationally in the week of April 25, 2021, from 39 percent over the first week of 2021, to 23 percent. Hotel reservations ranging from 31 to 60 days rose from 6% in the first week of the year to 11% on April 25 of that year.

An Optimistic Spirit

Hoteliers are generally optimistic, with 30 percent expecting an opening in 2021 for one or more places. 63 percent of them predict that tourists will boost, with domestic travel providing by far the most significant impact (45 percent ).

According to these statistics, there has been a growing number of online travel agency bookings in the United States, China, and the rest of Asia, which have moved the attention off relying on direct reservations during the epidemic.

Moreover, over half (59 percent) of hotels globally expect new staff to be hired this year.

More than half of Asian hoteliers claim to require vaccination proof to remain, whereas little under one-half of North American hoteliers say they absolutely don't. Almost half of the hoteliers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa do not know their strategy.

What trends do you want to continue?

While hotel reservations are already on increase, it has to be asked what are the long-term characteristics of 'pandemic tourism?'?

More than one-third of hotels believe that sanitary measures are continuing to be increased. Moreover, 30% of those say contactless technology is one of the most anticipated advances when the epidemic is gone.

The hoteliers have helped to explore new ways to take advantage of new categories of guests through business concepts such as providing "works and spaces to enable travelers to increase their visit. Hoteliers report they will stay a long-term component of the portfolio.

All in all, one of the significant, if not the most significant, results from the study is that technology will play a crucial part in the resuscitation of the business of tourism. For many stakeholders in the business, this will be a major issue and it will be intriguing to watch what the future sector may provide.

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