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France has excluded quarantine relaxing from the amber list

Even if the regulations for foreign travel had not been sufficiently complicated, government authorities have recently confirmed that travelers from France who have come back to England and Wales still have Monday's quarantine.

The move was characterized by the travel industry as a "catastrophe."

From 19 July, adults from amber-listed countries who have been completely vaccinated against Covid-19 will not have to isolate for 10 days.

Officials however have said the relaxation is not applicable to France because of "persistent" Beta instances, which were initially detected in South Africa.

Vaccines can not function so effectively against the beta version. There are worries.

Nearly all instances in the UK are accounted for by the infectious Delta form, initially found in India.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: "We've always known that we won't hesitate to take swift action at our borders to halt Covid 19 spread and safeguard the benefits that our effective vaccination program has achieved."

With limitations lifted all throughout the country on Monday, we will do our utmost to make foreign travel as secure as possible and to prevent the threat of variations on our borders."

There was significant criticism of the decision.

Willie Walsh, director-general of the IATA, said: "The United Kingdom does not have a clear international travel policy" and 'destroys the travel industry itself and the thousands of jobs on which it relies.'

Gary Lewis, CEO of the Travel Network Group, shared the views.

"The last several government statements are a tourism industry disaster." He stated.

Creating uncertainty and not anxiety about the virus, but the fear of consumers that returning from trips would reduce their freedom.

"They want to travel, people need to.

"The dangers don't frighten customers.

"Because of our jabbing or early age, the great majority are no longer at high risk for this disease."

A spokesman for ABTA warned that the decision might generate more uncertainty

"This declaration will definitely lead to the trust of dentists in their travels abroad, just as several amber-lists are ready to open their eyes to UK tourists over the summer holidays.

"Continuous adjustments to travel restrictions would postpone any significant recovery for the business and this news is just the latest evidence of the need to offer a customized package of financial support to tourism and the travel sector," he said.

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