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Qatar is reopening to travelers vaccinated

The borders of Qatar have been reopened to international travelers who are completely vaccinated against Covid-19.

There are also a number of additional procedures aimed to simplify the journey to Qatar while retaining the essential protections to continue protecting against the spread of the virus.

The new rules will allow fully vaccinated individuals to visit Qatar without quarantine.

Arrangements will also facilitate transit in and out for citizens and residents of the nation, letting fully vaccinated individuals circumvent the quarantine requirement upon their return to Qatar.

Up to 72 hours before travel, all visitors – vaccinated or non vaccinated – are obliged to perform a PCR test.

However, it is recommended that travelers verify the entries requirements of the nation from which they travel and return from Qatar before booking any flights and that these rules can change with very little notification, according to a statement by the local tourism agency.

The necessary documents such as vaccination certificate, valid PCR test, as much as 72 hours before travel, and personal data must be registered and uploaded via the Ehteraz website in order to enter Qatar - foreign tourists, nationals, and residents.

However, for some countries visa restrictions are applicable, more than 80 nations can visit Qatar on their arrival with a free visa.

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