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Reopening the international travel agency by Biden works

The government of Biden is moving towards the reopening of borders. According to the White House, 'workgroups' are being created to ease limitations with other nations, including Canada, the EU, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

"While today's travel is not opened again, we believe these specialized working groups will allow us to draw on our combined experience in order to reopen international journeys with our important partners, as long as it is established that it is safe to do so," a White House official said.

The news has been greeted by the United States Travel Association.

"At U.S. Travel, a public-private task group believes that a plan can rapidly evolve to open up inbound travel internationally, and start a sustainable job and recovery," stated U.S. Travel Chairman and CEO Roger Dow. 'There is a real fast-paced chance to securely welcome overseas tourists paired with lower infection rates in the USA and an administration aimed at fully vaccinating a critical mass of Americans by July 4.'

Dow commended the administration on its efforts to reopen safely.

"We expect that the working groups will be able to put in place a reopening framework very soon and that international travel can be resumed securely by using a risk-based and scientific driven approach." "We applaud the tourism industry to the Biden administration for taking this crucial and required step on the international front and look forward with every conceivable effort to progress this process with the federal government."

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