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Young and Old population ! Pros and cons!

The population of some countries includes an immense amount of young generation while some other countries encounter with the older amount of mankind. The controversial question which is often raised regarding this idea is the older generation cannot design and lead the future. Some people may hold the view that the young generation is a promising step in the human resource aspect. Secondly, the young generation can be flexible in adaptation intellectually in technological advancement; I personally contend the latter group. The following cons and pros would cogently illustrate these points.

To begin with, countries with an older population can have a problem with technology for not only adaptation of it but also training and authentically using these technologies for the fulfillment of future goals. Technology is working by the system so it is essential all parts of this system to work together truly without cumbersome and time-consuming which older people have a long way to adapt with it, for technology improves every day so it needs an update in a tiny period of time. The idea that identifies a shortage of older people with adaptation and using technology roots from the physiology of the brain that mentions the memory of humankind works slower by time. To give an illustration, the number of young people who work with a computer is more than older people.

In contrast, young people have the ability in the aspect of human resources in both managing and working with any model and species of them. Had countries had human resources, it would not have economic and unemployment crisis, these circumstances also will be well-rounded steps for companies’ insurance and government to have enough budgets for paying retired people who could not work. The improvement that comes from this condition provides old people core motive to share their experience with a young individual if they acquire. For instance, amazon attracts money and has a profound impact on the US economy by leaning on young human resources in both managing and operation sections.

Furthermore, young people, as inventors of the technology, are comfortable with technological advancement. They speared the spectrum of choice for managers and specialists to work with them with more ease for having imperative ability in both learning and changing by circumstances which fortify companies values any time they need. It will be a shortsighted idea if we say young people do not have enough experience because in such a sophisticated world where technology is growing so fast, flexibility and being updated are more important than experience. Technology is growing fast by changing radically so the experience will not be useful for new updated things. For example, the experience of old people who are worked by mechanical system will not helpful for people who are working with the last technological software.

To sum up, some countries has big amount of young individuals, in contrast, some of which not, with this in mind, this is my deep belief that countries with immense amount young people can improve in a short time in all concepts like economy, society, army, technology because of capabilities of young people with adaptation and learning new technologies.

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